Have you ever heard someone say,

Person thinks "I'm no good at math, I'm more of a right brained person.
Or said it yourself?

That's the idea that everyone has a more dominant side of the brain, or hemisphere.

It goes like this:

If you’re “right-brained,” you might think of yourself as more creative and artistic;
Right-brained personRight-brain hemisphere
If you’re “left-brained,” you might see yourself as more analytical and logical.
Left-brained personLeft brain hemisphere.

It seems possible, right?

Everyone is different – some people seem more creative, while other people are more analytical.
If you can be right or left-handed, why not right or left-brained?
Person writing with left hand.

Let’s see if that’s really true.

But first . . .

How did this idea get started?

It was partly inspired by the work of neuroscientist Roger Sperry.
Dr. Roger Sperry

Sperry pioneered research in the 1960s, looking at the differences between the two sides of the brain.

His research showed that the two hemispheres had some different functions:
Brain hemispheres



Analytical thought, computational skills, and linguistic ability.



Comprehending spatial patterns, and complex sounds like music.

In 1981, he won the Nobel Prize for his work.

Later, based on his discoveries, other researchers theorized that people might have

a dominant side

to their brain, which accounts for differences in personality and ability.